Cake Photography Guidelines

If you’re photography does not meet these requirements we may ask you to send us additional photos and/or to reshoot the cake.

  • JPEG – 300 DPI MINIMUM (highest resolution possible)
  • Photography must be clear and crisp (no blurry photos or photos in dark lighting).
  • Make sure there is at least a 2″ margin on the top/bottom/and sides of entire cake in the photo as it will be cropped to allow for bleed/trim
  • DO NOT use a black background
  • No Lit Candles as props
  • Avoid heavy background shadows
  • We cannot accept any cutouts or heavily altered photos


  •  Please send at least 10 photos of your cake using a neutral background/backdrop
  • Include at least 2 straight on shots of the entire cake
  • Include at least 4 other “macro” or very close photos of the details from various angles
  • Include at least 4 images of various angles/sides of the cake
  • If doing a cake/cookie/cupcake set, please photograph each item individually, and photograph all of the items together either layered, stacked, side-by-side, or on a pedestal, whatever food styling will photograph well.
  • Last but not least.. be creative!  Send as many photos as you can!

Here area a few examples of well composed photos we have published in the past:

fashioninspirationwedding_neviepie480 (19)

photo_1 photo