Volume 2 Issue 1 – Cake Central Magazine


  • 2011 Wedding Cake of the Year
    Grand Prize Winner: Bob Johnson, Couture Cakes, Huntsville, AL USA
  • smashing! cakes from across the pond
  • how to make couture pearls for any cake
  • Say ‘Yes!’ to De-Stress
  • magical Mike McCarey in his own words
  • cover cake by Bob Johnson


  • Cakes Across the World: England
  • Feature: Mike McCarey
  • International Desserts: Treacle Tart
  • Cake Central Choice Award: “That Takes the Cake!” Show
  • Wedding Cake of the Year: Bob Johnson
  • Now and Then: Melissa Lusk
  • Letter from the Editor
  • Your Slice: “Before you were a cake maker…”
  • Spotlight: Three Generations of Cake Makers
  • Ever Wonder: Why do the Bride and Groom Feed Each Other?
  • Trendsetting: Jewelry-Inspired Cakes
  • Tutorial: Couture Jewelry
  • Web Browsing: Style Me Pretty
  • Science of Baking: Flour Power
  • Business of Cake: Say ‘Yes!’ to De-Stress
  • Strangely Good: Coconut Curry Cake
  • Cake Central Recipe: Grapefruit Cake
  • Living with a Cake Maker: “Cake Show Experiment”


  • Cakes fit for Royalty
  • Wedding Cake of the Year Finalists